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2011 Season

2011 Card Designed by: David Aiken and Mike Wood
Printed by: East Van Graphics (Check out their deals for all of your printing needs and know that 100% recycleable products are something that they believe in!)
Number of cards in this years series:

This year's design takes it's cues from the 'De Stilj' artistic movement founded in the Netherlands in 1917. I doubt that the principal member of this movement, painter Piet Mondrian, ever imagined that these design principals would ever be applied to a performer trading card, but then again he likely never thought they'd be applied to the iconic school bus featured in The Partridge Family either. The look/feel of this aesthetic seemed like a great partnership for the annual trading card series though and a fun way to mix colour with design. Through the combination of the "MWHCR" (Mike Wood's Hockey Card Rules) and "DANFPP" (David Aiken's Ninety Fiver Percent Perfectionism) we seem to come up with some pretty great looking cards! Enjoy!


Website Mini Picture of Card
(click on image to see full size version)
Arthur Fratelli Arthur Minisize
Captain Corbin Captain Corbin Minisize
The Checkerboard Guy cbg Minisize
Cowboy Buck & Elizabeth Cowboy Buck Minisize
Dan Kirk Dan Kirk Minisize
Equilibrium Circus Equilibrium Circus Minisize
Equilibrium Circus - Leah Equilibrium Circus - Leah Minisize
Equilibrium Circus - Paz Equilibrium Circus - Paz Minisize
Flyin' Bob Bob Minisize
Flyin' Bob Bob 2 Minisize
Jason Kollum Jason Minisize
Jolly Giants Stilt Walkers Jolly Giants Minisize
Matt Baker Matt Baker Minisize
Melvin the Wacky Wheeler Dan Kirk Minisize
Paul Behnke Paul Behnke Minisize
Scotty Walsh Dan Kirk Minisize
Steve Langley Steve Minisize
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